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Nursery Fees



A £40 registration fee is required in order to reserve your child’s place in nursery, and carry out all necessary administration processes in order to register your child.  Your child will be able to access settling in sessions in order to ensure your child feels safe and happy within the nursery.  As a parent you will also have time to get to know the staff, ask questions and provide information relating to you child during this settling in period. 



Fees and invoicing


Nursery fees are collected on a Calendar Monthly Basis, your invoice will be provided midway through the month before.  The invoice must be paid in full before on or before the first day of the month.


Funded sessions


Children who register at the nursery solely on funded sessions will not be charged a registration fee.   We support our funded children to settle within the nursery by gradually building up to full sessions of 5 hours over the first two weeks of children attending the nursery.  This is to ensure that the child builds their confidence within the environment and feels comfortable with the relationships that they develop with the staff. Children attending three year old funded sessions will incur a small fee for lunches and dinners if parents would like their child to receive a nursery meal. 



Nursery Sessions


Full Day = 8am until 6pm including breakfast, lunch & tea.

AM = 8am until 1pm including breakfast & lunch.

PM = 1pm until 6pm including dinner.




Please contact the nursery in order to request further information regarding Fees.