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New Moon Nursery provides a safe, secure and calm environment for babies from the age of 4 months, where they can develop through a range of stimulating play activities.


Activities provided are carefully planned to enhance the development of play, language and learning at this key stage. Within this area there are a range of toys and activities which support play development through cause and effect, exploration, moving onto early pretend play. Our practitioners are trained in order to support early communication skills, providing fun and motivating ways of engaging and interacting with the children.


At New Moon Nursery we believe that parent partnership is vitally important, and we will discuss your child’s individual routine, including information around feeding and sleeping patterns. We will incorporate this into the planning of our daily activities.


Once you decide New Moon Nursery is the right setting for your baby, we will arrange an appointment to discuss all your requirements and will tailor our care to suit both your baby and your family.  We do not put a time limit on settling in as we believe that it is important to us that your child is fully settled before beginning their regular sessions in nursery. 


How the New Moon Children Learn Through the Early Years Foundation Stage 


Throughout the nursery we assess, observe and plan for our children using the Early Years Foundation stage.  All children learn through play. During play activities, we understand that a range of skills can be supported by creating an environment that promotes children's development at a range of different levels and in a variety of ways.  



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