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All our meals are prepared onsite by our wonderful cook Trish.  We are extremely proud of our home cooked foods which are nutritional and balanced.  


Our meals are served in the dining area of our kitchen, away from the playrooms.  We believe that this is very important as it gives the children a real sense of a sociable, homely mealtime atmosphere.  The children know our cook and love to ask questions about the foods that have been prepared.  


We serve breakfast from 8am which consists of cereal, toast, yogurt and fruits.  All snacks throughout the day are a selection of fruit and vegetables.  We enjoy a hot meal at lunchtime and a hot or cold snack tea at teatime.  All meals are served with a choice of drinks.  


During mealtimes we discuss the importance of healthy eating and promote an enjoyable social atmosphere.  All our meals, snacks and drinks are served by the children themselves (with support from the practitioners where necessary) for children 2-5 years promoting independence and self- help skills.


The children have access to fresh drinking water all day within the playrooms.