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Half Moons (2-3 Years)

Two- Three Year Old Room

Two- Three Year Old Room 1
Two- Three Year Old Room 2
Two- Three Year Old Room 3
Two- Three Year Old Room 4
Two- Three Year Old Room 5

Children making the transition from the baby to the toddler rooms will have been provided visiting times in order to allow them to familiarise themselves with the room and practitioners.


Our trained practitioners understand that different children require varied activities that will enhance their skills as they grow and become more active. We provide a comfortable, quiet area where practitioners can sooth children and prepare them for their quiet time.


During play time, activities are carefully differentiated so that children are provided with opportunities to develop their pretend play through small world and role play. There is a room fully equipped with a wet play area so that they can continue to explore through messy and creative activities.


 Language and communication development is supported through interaction with attentive practitioners who will facilitate children to begin to understand the world through a range of stimulating learning experiences. As always we will continue our partnership with parents and incorporate established routines into planning daily activities.

How the Half Moon Children Learn Through the Early Years Foundation Stage 


Throughout the nursery we assess, observe and plan for our children using the Early Years Foundation stage.  All children learn through play. During play activities, we understand that a range of skills can be supported by creating an environment that promotes children's development at a range of different levels and in a variety of ways.  



Have a look at our Learning at Home Page to read more about the Early Years Foundation Stage. Learn More about the 7 Areas of Learning. 

2 Year Old Funding


Children eligible for 2 year old funding will receive 15 hours childcare funded by their local authority. The 2 year old funding is provided to families who meet a certain criteria.  This is based on various factors.  Usually parents will receive a letter to inform them that they are entitled to this offer.  If parents are unsure if they are entitled to the 2 year offer they can contact their Local Authority.  


If your child is eligible to access a 2 year old funded placement as a nursery we strive to support all children to have a high rate of attendance throughout their placement.