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Full Moons (3-5 Years)

New Moon Nursery has thoughtfully organised areas where children will have lots of opportunities to develop their language, learning and communication through play. Focused activities will be incorporated into their routine, in order to support the development of numeracy and literacy skills.

Our focus with the pre-school children is continuing to provide a range of exciting and engaging play activities alongside developing children's readiness for school.  

Our routine is a little more structured and there is more emphasis on carpet time and focused learning.  

As children reach the time where they move onto school. We arrange transition sessions.  This will be discussed with parents and the teacher's at their new school.  We will ensure that as your child leaves nursery they will be fully prepared to begin their “big school” adventure. 

How the Full Moon Children Learn Through the Early Years Foundation Stage


Throughout the nursery we assess, observe and plan for our children using the Early Years Foundation stage.  All children learn through play. During play activities, we understand that a range of skills can be supported by creating an environment that promotes children's development at a range of different levels and in a variety of ways.  





Have a look at our Learning at Home Page to read more about the Early Years Foundation Stage and the 7 Areas of learning.

3 and 4 Year Old Funding


All 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 15 hours funded sessions.  These can be used either within a Mainstream School Nursery on the traditional 3 hours per day sessions.  Or they can be used within private day care. 

Children are able to access 3 year old funding the term after they turn 3 years old. 


We will be offering the 30 hours funded placements from September 2017 for working parents.


Many parent choose to use their sessions within private day care as we offer more flexible sessions and wrap around care.  Funded sessions can be used alongside paid sessions.