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Within New Moon Nursery


My role as a consultant within the nursery is to provide our staff with advice and training in order to maintain a language rich and interactive environment for all the children that attend. I am also there so that nursery staff can discuss individual children where there may be some general strategies that they can use in order to support speech, language and communication skills.


I ensure all parents are informed well in advance of any decisions being taken, and we ensure parents are involved in any discussions between the nursery staff and myself, to decide the best course of action.


Where children can be supported by general advice and strategies used within the day to day activities carried out at the nursery, I will provide such advice and practice support inclusive within the price of the general nursery fee.



Within Other Nurseries and Schools


Working with schools and nurseries throughout my career has enabled me to understand how a Speech and Language Therapist can support schools to develop children’s language and communication skills to their full potential. Collaborative working with teachers and SENCo’s can lead to the development of excellent solutions to enable children to reach their language and communicative potential. Please contact me to discuss how a Speech and Language Therapist can support your school or nursery.